How do I get started with Fit4Mom?

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Arrive at class 10-15 minutes early to meet the instructor and get settled. Bring plenty of water, a mat or towel and a sturdy stroller.

When can I start Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre?

You are welcome to start Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre as soon as you have completed your 6 week postpartum check up. Once you have doctor approval, we'd love to see you!

Can I exercise while pregnant?

The answer is YES! The American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG) encourages women with a healthy pregnancy to maintain an active lifestyle, including exercise. Fit4Baby is a 60 minute "moms only" fitness class designed for a woman in any stage of pregnancy. Each class includes cardio, strength, balance and stretching to help your body through pregnancy and prepare for delivery.

Do I have to use a jogging stroller?

A jogging stroller is not required. Stroller Strides classes are designed for power walking and/or jogging. Bring a sturdy stroller for your child so that he/she can be secure and comfortable for the 60 minute class.

What should I bring to class?

For each class wear workout clothes, sneakers, and bring a sturdy stroller, plenty of water, sunblock and a mat/towel for ab exercises and stretching. It's always a good idea to have small toys, books and snacks for your baby or toddler to keep him or her occupied in the stroller during class.

What if my child cries/fusses/gets upset?

Join the club! All of the babies and toddlers will cry, fuss or be upset at some point. We will do our best to entertain or soothe them while we continue class. The instructor is available to help as needed. You are a Mom first and tending to your baby may be necessary at times.

Can I bring more than one child?

Yes. As long as you have a double stroller where both children will be safe and secure during class.

What if it rains? Is class cancelled?

Class is on! We've made arrangements to hold class indoors when the weather does not cooperate. We will communicate a change in schedule the evening before. Check your Front Desk account, this website and Facebook for class updates.

Will there be Stroller Strides all year round?

Stroller Strides is year round fitness and fun!

The schedule is changed in November and April based on the weather conditions. Location for indoor and outdoor class as well as class start times will change and be announced in advance. In the warm months, class may be moved indoors if there is excessive heat. Stay tuned to social media, monthly newsletters and the website for information.

How do I keep my stroller safe?

Keeping Baby Safe in the Stroller

· Buckle up. Regardless of how far you're traveling, always make sure to use the safety belt or harness to restrain a child from leaving the stroller. This will also prevent your child from sitting backwards, which can cause the stroller to tip.

· Put on the brakes. Use the stroller's brakes whenever you're stopped, especially if you're facing down a hill. If you must stop on a hill, be sure to turn the stroller's wheels away from the decline.

· Lock it in place. Collapsible strollers need to be fully locked or correctly snapped into the open position before placing the child inside. If you're using a combo stroller, which includes a bassinet and seat attachment, make sure you hear a "click" when installing these components to the actual stroller.

· Keep your bags in hand. Strollers can easily tip when subjected to excess weight, so avoid hanging bags on stroller handles. Opt, instead, to store extra items such as a purse or jacket in an under-the-seat basket.

· Check it out. Once a month inspect your stroller for wear and tear and attend to any maintenance items.

- For air filled tires, ensure that the stroller has optimum air pressure in all tires.

- For solid wheels, check the wheels for damage or debris that may cause future damage.

- Check all metal fixtures for signs of rust and/or damage.

- Check that the brakes function properly.

- Check that the straps are set secure and comfortable for baby.

- Ensure that all accessories are secured correctly, i.e. mommy hooks, cup holders, snack trays, toys, etc.