How do I keep my stroller safe?

Keeping Baby Safe in the Stroller

· Buckle up. Regardless of how far you're traveling, always make sure to use the safety belt or harness to restrain a child from leaving the stroller. This will also prevent your child from sitting backwards, which can cause the stroller to tip.

· Put on the brakes. Use the stroller's brakes whenever you're stopped, especially if you're facing down a hill. If you must stop on a hill, be sure to turn the stroller's wheels away from the decline.

· Lock it in place. Collapsible strollers need to be fully locked or correctly snapped into the open position before placing the child inside. If you're using a combo stroller, which includes a bassinet and seat attachment, make sure you hear a "click" when installing these components to the actual stroller.

· Keep your bags in hand. Strollers can easily tip when subjected to excess weight, so avoid hanging bags on stroller handles. Opt, instead, to store extra items such as a purse or jacket in an under-the-seat basket.

· Check it out. Once a month inspect your stroller for wear and tear and attend to any maintenance items.

- For air filled tires, ensure that the stroller has optimum air pressure in all tires.

- For solid wheels, check the wheels for damage or debris that may cause future damage.

- Check all metal fixtures for signs of rust and/or damage.

- Check that the brakes function properly.

- Check that the straps are set secure and comfortable for baby.

- Ensure that all accessories are secured correctly, i.e. mommy hooks, cup holders, snack trays, toys, etc.